ABC 36 Golden Care: A mother’s battle

Berea, Ky (WTVQ)– Being a first time parent is a scary feeling. It’s even scarier when you don’t know if your baby is going to survive.

“After she was born they said she made it but the first 72 hours are very crucial don’t get your hopes up anything can still happen. She’s very fragile.” Says Hannah Hembree.

For mama, Hannah Hembree, the fight for the life of her daughter Lakyn began before she was ever born.

“They tried to get me to abort her multiple times. She told me shed have all these problems, I wasn’t gonna love her any less no matter what happened. We thought if we try at least we know we tried. We knew it might not be a good out come but at least we can say we tried to do it.” Says Hannah.

At 22 weeks and 4 days Lakyn was born to the world.

“They came in and gave me the choice to try to keep her in longer. Or do an emergency c-section because she was in distress… She ended up making it at 22 weeks and 4 days she was one pound and 10 inches long.” Says Hannah.

Flash forward now one year, and look at Lakyn,
A happy vibrant and healthy one year old baby girl.

“She has so much personality, she’s sassy, and funny and loves to walk around with her walker. She talks to everyone she doesn’t meet a stranger. She’s full of life totally.” Says Hannah.

Lakyn’s birthday celebration will look a bit different from most one year olds,  they won’t actually celebrate until later this month because Lakyn’s dad is in the National Guard stationed in Louisville. Also, the invitation list is quite extensive.

“We’ve invited most everyone that’s on our Facebook, people we don’t even know came to her baby shower and are planning on coming to her birthday party and it’s gonna be a big celebration for sure.” Says Hannah.

Hannah says everyday she’s reminded of how grateful she is that she and her family fought for doctors to save Lakyn.

“I’m very thankful every day. She makes every day so much better. I can’t imagine life without her. They tried so many times to just get me to abort her but she has a perfect life. I can’t imagine not trying because they would have thrown away a perfect life.” Says Hannah.

Hannahs instinct to fight for Lakyn against all odds is what makes her our Golden Care Provider of the Month. If you know someone who is deserving of being our golden care provider click on the contest tab to nominate someone.

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