ABC 36 Golden Care: A mother’s last wish

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – “She’s just an amazing and a remarkable warrior,” said LaTosha Mabson.

For 30-plus years, Mabson and her mother, Tonya, were inseparable.

“That was my partner in crime. My best friend,” Mabson said of her mother.

Eleven years ago, Tonya began having several health issues. Tonya’s twin sister, Toya, says LaTosha, put her life on hold to take care of her mother.

“That meant so much because she was young, at a young age, for a daughter to give that up to be with her mother. Never complained, not one time,” said Toya Ward.

As a way to honor her daughter, for all she had done for her, Tonya reached out to WTVQ ABC 36 News.

The ABC 36 news team responded to Tonya’s request to honor her daughter but got no response until a couple days later. Anchor Cody Adams got a call from her sister, Toya.

Tonya had passed away the day the team reached out to her. One of her final wishes was to make sure not only her family knew how much her daughter meant to her but that everyone knew it.

“She asked me if I would take care of everybody to make sure this letter got out and I told her that I will do everything in my power to make sure that it get out so Tosha would know how much her mother loved her and appreciated her,” explained Toya.

“I’ve always told my mama, I’ve never doubted your love for me but to know that she wanted somebody else other than our family to know how wonderful I was to her, this means a lot,” added LaTosha.

For more than a decade, LaTosha cared for her mother, every appointment or meal, or just watching TV, by her side until her very last breath.

Now, her aunt says it’s LaTosha’s turn to live life.

“She deserves a good life. She gave her life up for her mother and I know that God is going to take care of her, because that’s one of his wishes is to honor your mother and father and that’s what I told her. You honored your mother, honey. You can go to sleep at night. Some people can’t do that,” said Toya of her niece.

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