ABC 36 Anchor Doug High in Afghanistan during terror attack

KABUL, Afghanistan (WTVQ) – In March, ABC 36’s Good Morning Kentucky Anchor Doug High left the desk for a mission in Kabul, Afghanistan.

He was serving as a commander with the U.S. Navy when a truck bomb went off half a mile away from the base on Wednesday.

Our newsroom checked in with High and he told us he was not injured.

“I heard a massive explosion,” said High.

High said he initially thought the base was under attack.

“For an explosion to rock us that hard, to knock some people off their feet — break out and pop some windows and doors in our base. You can imagine the side of that explosion.”

He believes the truck was heading for the Navy base or U.S. Embassy, but was stopped by Afghan Police who were killed in the blast.

Over 400 people were injured and at least 90 people were killed in the attack.

“The majority of who was killed and wounded were Afghan citizens — on their way to work or on their way to school,” High added. “It’s absolutely heartbreaking.”

High is expected to return to ABC 36 in early 2018.

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