A Taste of Home for Service Men and Women

Memorial Day is meant to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice but we also want to keep in mind those who are still fighting to keep us safe.

One local company gives troops overseas a little taste of home, year-round.

Ale-8-One will send two cases of cans every month to service men and women fighting overseas while they’re deployed.

The company can only send cans of the soft drink, instead of the traditional glass bottles, because of postal rules but the cases are free, someone just has to pay shipping. 

Senior Airman John Moncrief was stationed in Japan and has been in Afghanistan for about a month.

He said he hadn’t tasted an Ale-9 in nearly a year but that’s all changed.

“I went in, checked my mail and my care package was there with a Ale-8-One symbol on the front, so it was pretty exciting,” said Moncrief about his shipment that arrived just in time for Memorial Day.  “As soon as I got it, I went back to my room and I opened one.  I was extremely excited.”

One day earlier, he met Brad Paisley and President Obama, when I asked which surprise was better,
“It was pretty awesome to meet the President but I really enjoy an Ale-8 so…,” said Moncrief.
“We do this to honor the soldiers who are looking for us,” said DeAnna Elmore with the Ale-8-One Bottling Company.
Two free cases every month while a service member is deployed and except for shipping, the cases are free.
“When a solider writes to you and says you know I’d really like to have some Ale-8 can you get it to me, how can you say no? And how can you ask them to pay for that?” said Elmore.  “You feel good about what you’re doing but we don’t do it because we feel good, we do it because we want to honor them and what they’re doing.”
“It means the world to me and gives me a little piece of home back,” said Moncrief.
The program has been around for about ten years and grew simply by word of mouth.

If you’re interested in sending a case of the soft drink to someone fighting overseas:

Submit the military address in an email to shipping@ale-8-one.com, and our shipping department will get back to you with a quote. Orders are sent parcel post, we can only ship cans, and package arrival takes between 4 and 6 weeks.

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