“A horrific accident”: family dog attacks 11-year-old

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – One family in Winchester had a tragic start to their weekend when one of the family dogs attacked an 11-year-old boy early Friday morning before school. The attack cost the boy one of his ears and the dog his life.

Jessica Conner and her 11-year-old son Malakia started their Friday like any other school day. Malakia went downstairs in their apartment to grab some of his new clothes to wear to school. He had just gotten out of the shower so the lights were off and his hands were full with his bath towel and phone, so he threw the clothes he planned to wear over his shoulder and head.

“Our dog Beans and our other dog Bellatrix heard him and so they were standing at the top of the stairs and kind of started growling and he didn’t pay any attention to it, like ‘they’re not going to hurt me, whatever,'” says Jessica. “Got up the stairs and our dog thought that he was somebody who’d broke into our house because he had his face covered so he didn’t see him so I mean immediately grabbed a hold of him. It happened in like under 5 seconds.”

Jessica was able to quickly pull Beans, a pitbull, off of Malakia, but the damage was done. Malakia’s right ear was bitten off in the attack. Luckily, Malakia’s hearing is still intact but as an 11-year-old boy, he’s worried about being bullied and cosmetic surgery to replace his ear is very expensive.

“It’s just crazy how you know in a split second, everything gets turned upside down,” says Jessica.

Malakia and Jessica say neither of them blame their dog for what happened, but sadly, Jessica says Beans was put down Friday night because she says something like this can’t happen again. Jessica says what happened is no one’s fault and she doesn’t want people to think pitbulls are vicious animals. Beans was a roadside rescue that had lived with the family for three years since he was a puppy.

“I feel like I’m being forced to choose between my kids, so obviously the human one takes precedence but you know we loved Beans, we still love Beans,” says Jessica. “Yesterday was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do.”

“[My ear] doesn’t really hurt so I’m just really sad that we had to put him down,” says Malakia.

Jessica says the whole thing was a horrific accident, but this won’t stop them from rescuing pitbulls or other “aggressively”-labeled dogs in the future. To help Malakia and his mom afford the cost of ear reconstruction, a GoFundMe page is set up at https://gofund.me/8d7caa47.

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