Road crews keeping an eye on incoming rain

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Road crews say the incoming rain is a mixed blessing: on one hand, it will wash away the remaining snow and ice.  On the other, however, it will also wash away salt that crews have been treating the roads with.

That’s an issue of no small concern, according to Rob Allen, Deputy Director of Lexington Streets and Roads.

He is advising drivers that as a rain and sleet mixture bear down on the city, and as temperatures drop after the sun sets, that black ice and generally slippery conditions could make driving treacherous.

He says that motorists should commit to driving about ten miles under the speed limit.  He also says not to drive with hazards on.  Hazard lights render turn signals ineffective, which could produce a hazard for other drivers.

Road crews started treating roads in Lexington around noon on Sunday.  Currently, workers are pulling 12-hour shifts until weather conditions improve.



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