911 Hero: Lifesaving measure turns into lasting friendship

WILMORE, Ky. (WTVQ) — Sgt. David Weathers has been working with the Wilmore Police Department for four years.

“There’s not hardly a person in this town that I don’t know from the parents down to their children,” said Sgt. Weathers.

Bobby Miracle has lived in Wilmore pretty much his whole life. During day-to-day errands, their paths would cross, but a year ago their lives became intertwined.

“So that call came out that morning and they didn’t need me to show up. Didn’t even realize it was at his residence actually. And when I showed up, I got closer and I saw his wife at the door. And that’s when I realized the unresponsive person is Bobby,” recounted Sgt. Weathers, who is this month’s WTVQ-TV ABC 36 News 911 Hero.

“They didn’t have to spend all that time with me to save me. A lot of people would probably gave up on me, but they didn’t,” Bobby Miracle said of Weathers and other first responders.

EMS on-site began chest compressions. Sergeant Weathers jumped in to help.

“I just started talking to him as I was doing my compressions. And so, I think I went through the first round, was on my second round of compressions, then he started breathing,” said Sgt. Weathers.

Bobby says he’ll always be in debt to Sergeant Weathers and the other medical staff who saved his life that day.

“I just want to tell him, thank you from the bottom of my heart and my family and that we love each one of you and keep up the good work. And we love you,” said the aptly named Miracle.

Bobby says anytime he sees Sergeant Weathers, it’s like seeing an old friend and Sergeant Weathers even goes out of his way to check on Bobby and his family.

“I’m not a hero. I appreciate it. But he was my friend and he is my friend, just like everybody else in the community. And if that means helping in, stepping in, pitching in, do what I can, that’s what I’m here for,” said Sgt. Weathers.

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