Former Governor wants to save Kentucky healthcare

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear wants to save the Commonwealth’s health care.

He is starting a new program called Save KY Healthcare which is a publican education and advocacy campaign committed to ensuring that every Kentuckian keeps access to affordable health insurance.

More than 500,000 people received health insurance through Beshear’s Medicaid expansion and healthcare exchange known as Kynect.

Governor Matt Bevin says those programs are too expensive and not sustainable. He’s dismantling Kynect and wants to shift people to the federal exchange.

Kynect allows people to go online and find private insurance plans they can afford. It is credited with giving Kentucky the biggest drop in the number of people without health insurance in the country. The program is nationally recognized and considered Beshear’s legacy as a governor.

The government gave Kentucky a $289 Million grant to plan and establish Kynect. State officials have spent all of it except for $57.5 million. The Department of Health and Human Services says the money cannot be spent to move the state to the federal exchange as Governor Bevin would like to do.

Bevin says he’s focused on fixing Kentucky’s fiscal crisis and calls Save KY Healthcare an effort to promote Beshear’s political legacy.

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