9-1-1 Hero: Versailles Police Officer Jordan Lyons

VERSAILLES, KY (WTVQ)- The additional dangers first responders face during this global pandemic are well-documented. They are at greater risk because of the nature of their already dangerous jobs, but the job still has to be done.

That’s why our 911 heroes are more deserving than ever of recognition.

Growing up as a kid in Harrodsburg, Jordan Lyons would hear stories from his uncle about being a police officer. Those stories helped serve as inspiration to serve the community in law enforcement.

Now, Lyons heads into year 10 as an officer, nine at the Versailles Police Department. Lyons loves serving in a small town like Versailles.

While he’s had to respond to some of the worst situations, he’s been able to see some of the best.Knowing that he can help or potentially save a life is what motivates him to serve in versailles.

After 10 years on duty, the biggest thing he’s learned from his early days as an officer is to not be gung-ho on the job and to instead develop strong relationships with the people of the community.

“When you develop a relationship with someone in the community and neighborhood, they feel comfortable coming to you and saying, ‘Hey, I’ve got this going on in my neighborhood. Can you help me out,?’ They can come to you personally and feel comfortable, said Lyons. “That’s the kind of relationships I’m talking about. Treat people with respect. Treat people with how you want to be treated. Don’t let this badge make your head bigger than what it is because people respect it and giving people their due respect will take you a long way.”

With folks having to stay at home during the coronavirus, Lyons and other officers are finding other ways to keep that community relationship strong. He said they’re taking birthday requests from parents and are driving by homes with their sirens on and music playing to wish that kid a happy birthday.

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