7 of 8 prototype border walls demolished

SAN DIEGO (AP) – Less than two hours after crews began demolishing eight prototypes of the president’s prized border wall in San Diego, seven of the barriers were destroyed.

A large hydraulic jackhammer attached to an excavator pounded the walls repeatedly on Wednesday as slabs fell into small clouds of dust. Crews had previously drilled small holes in the concrete and stuffed them with grout that softens the cement and makes them easier to destroy.

A panel made of steel poles was also dismantled.

The Trump administration says elements of the prototypes have been melded into current border fence designs and they have served their purpose.

The eight prototypes cost $300,000 to $500,000 each to build.

For Trump’s allies, the towering models were a show of his commitment to border security and fulfilling a core campaign promise. For detractors, they were monuments to wasted taxpayer dollars and a misguided display of aggression toward Mexico and immigrants.

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