Disability scam settlements arriving in the mail

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Social Security disability legal disaster years in the making and the unraveling is now being closed out for hundreds of people in Eastern Kentucky by a simple trip to the mailbox.

Checks started arriving this week as part of the scam carried out by disgraced-lawyer Eric Coon.

Fleming County attorney Ned Pillersdorf mailed almost 1,100 checks this week after spending almost two years working out all the settlement details.

Pillersdorf announced the checks being in the mail Tuesday, June 23 on his Facebook page.

The Mountain Top News was the first to report the mailings.

In a later post, Pillersdorf advised recipients the checks are from his client account at Citizens Bank of Kentucky, but the checks don’t have to be cashed or deposited there.

He’s also occasionally posted address searches, using initials and streets to try to track down some missing recipients who have moved or have other address issues.

According to Mountain Top News, Eric C. Conn was an eastern Kentucky disability attorney who masterminded the largest Social Security fraud in history, totaling more than $550 million dollars.

In March 2018, he pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges and was sentenced to 27 years. His plea came after he fled the country but was caught coming from a Pizza Hut restaurant in Honduras where he’d been hiding out.

According to multiple news reports, the Social Security Administration notified 1,500 people who had been represented by Conn their cases would be reviewed to re-determine eligibility and suspended disability payments for about 900 of them, Mountain Top News reported.

Pillersdorf has been working to handle the re-settlements.

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