3rd graders host “Arcade Night” asking for more indoor entertainment in their town

PARIS, Ky. (WTVQ)- A group of third graders in Paris have taken it upon themselves to bring a source of indoor family entertainment to the town by opening up an arcade in their school’s gymnasium for a night.
This wasn’t just your typical school event to raise money for different programs or field trips, no these Paris 3rd graders hosted a cardboard arcade night for a much bigger cause.

“When it’s like snowing outside you don’t really have nothing to do. Just you have to stay inside when it’s raining. You just have nothing to do,” said Samuel Morris, a 3rd grader at Paris Elementary.

This winter, these Paris 3rd graders noticed something missing in their town.

“We don’t have like, we have to go all the way to Lexington to have arcade but if we made something here we wouldn’t have to travel long ways,” said Aliyah Williams, a 3rd grader at Paris Elementary.

So they did just that, spending months build their own arcade games out of cardboard, finally sharing them with the rest of the community Thursday night.

“We have two skee balls, we have air hockey, and we have like Pac Man,” said Tiana Jones, a 3rd grader at Paris Elementary.

But this wasn’t meant to be just one night of fun, the 3rd graders are looking to bring it to life and get a real arcade to open up in their town.
“They’ve written a petition that they want to try to take to the mayor and get on an agenda to just start the buzz about what can we do in our community,” said Nicole Jones, a 3rd grade teacher at Paris Elementary.

While there is still a long way to go to getting a real arcade in Paris, these 3rd graders say their happy with all the progress they’ve made in just a few short months.

“It makes me feel excited and proud of all of our hard work,” said John Yazell, a 3rd grader at Paris Elementary.
These third graders aren’t messing around when it comes to really trying to get an arcade in town… They even reached out to the governor for support and president trump himself.

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