S&S Tire Brannon Crossing

Hey guys, welcome back. We are here at S&S Tire right here in Brannon Crossing, and I am here with one of the customers, Ms. Sara Tyler. Well you know what, we were talking, and you are a long time customer, you’ve been coming here basically since they opened the shop, is that right? Yes, I’m extremely loyal to this place. Aw, now let’s talk about the loyalty, what keeps you so loyal to S&S Tire here? Sara Tyler: I know that if I have an issue or if I need an update on my car, I can call and I have a relationship with the people who work here now so not only with them … the people at the counter, they always get me in. I don’t have to wait very long, there’s TV, there’s coffee, magazines. There’s internet so I can do all my work, and I’m not here very long so whenever I need to get in here, they get me in and get me out. And I know the work that they do on my car … I never have any issues and I can come back.

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