3 discrimination lawsuits filed against Lexington Catholic HS

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Three lawsuits were filed against Lexington Catholic High School and the Diocese of Lexington Tuesday afternoon, claiming discrimination, sexual harassment, and race harassment.

Washington, D.C. attorney Amos Jones, working with local attorney Chris Miller, issued a press release saying that the lawsuits were filed on the behalf of three students, a Caucasian female alleging sexual harassment and discrimination, and two African-American males alleging race harassment. All three students withdrew from the school as a result of their unfair treatment, according to Jones.

The suit filed on behalf of the female claims that the school failed to step in and provide appropriate remediation after the student was subjected to sexual harassment and bullying from a number of students in September of 2014.

In May of this year, the two African-American students who filed suit claimed they were harassed and threatened. In one reported instance, the mother of one of the plaintiffs, a 14-year-old boy, says someone sent her son threatening text messages. According to the mother, one of the messages was about “lynching” her son. In that case, Lexington Catholic suspended a white student who was later charged by Lexington Police with terroristic threatening. No action was taken after another student said he was harassed because the school says it was never reported.

Here is a statement from Tim Culver Vice President for Advancement Lexington Catholic High School:

“Lexington Catholic is aware of the recently filed legal complaints. The school has a longstanding policy not to comment in any way on legal matters and we will continue to abide by that policy.”

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