2022 Kentucky Election Day results

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — It’s General Election Day in the bluegrass, and to make things easier for you, ABC 36 has compiled a list of election results which will be updated in real-time all night. Below, you’ll find results for congressional, senatorial and representative districts, plus other races like the Lexington mayoral, senate, both amendments and more.


Editor’s Note: The winner of each race will be indicated with a ✔️ mark. Results will be updated in real-time all night and are considered unofficial until certified by administrators.


Congressional Districts

US Representative, 1st Congressional District
James Comer (R) ✔️
Jimmy Ausbrooks (D)

US Representative, 2nd Congressional District
Hank Linderman (D)
S. Brett Guthrie (R) ✔️

US Representative, 3rd Congressional District
Morgan McGarvey (D) ✔️
Stuart Ray (R)

US Representative, 4th Congressional District
Thomas Massie (R) ✔️
Matthew Lehman (D)
Ethan Osborne (I)

US Representative, 5th Congressional District
Harold “Hal” Rogers (R) ✔️
Conor Halbleib (D)

US Representative, 6th Congressional District
Geoffrey M. “Geoff” Young (D)
Randy Cravens (D-Write-in)
Andy Barr (R) ✔️
Maxwell Froedge (Non-affiliated, write-in)


Senatorial/Representative Districts

State Senator, 12th Senatorial District – Boyle, Mercer, Woodford and parts of Fayette counties
Amanda Mays Bledsoe (R) ✔️
Bill O’Brien (D)

State Senator, 20th Senatorial District – Franklin, Owen, Carroll, Gallatin and parts of Boone and Kenton counties
Gex Williams (R) ✔️
Teresa Barton (D)

State Senator, 22nd Senatorial District – Garrard, Jessamine and parts of Fayette counties
Donald Douglas (R)
Chuck Eddy (D) ✔️

State Senator, 30th Senatorial District – Leslie, Perry, Breathitt, Lee, Estill, Powell, Wolfe, Morgan and Magoffin counties
Sid Allen (D)
Brandon Smith (R) ✔️

State Senator, 34th Senatorial District – Madison and parts of Fayette counties
Jared Carpenter (R)
Susan Cintra (D) ✔️

State Representative, 52nd Representative District – Wayne, McCreary and parts of Pulaski counties
Ken Upchurch (R)

State Representative, 55th Representative District – Washington, Mercer and parts of Jessamine counties
Kim King (R) ✔️

State Representative, 56th Representative District – Woodford and parts of Franklin and Jessamine counties
Grayson Vandegrift (D)
Daniel Fister (R) ✔️

State Representative, 62nd Representative District – Scott County
Phillip Pratt (R) ✔️
Michael Robinson (D)
James Toller (L)

State Representative, 73rd Representative District – Clark and parts of Fayette counties
Thomas Adams III (D)
Ryan Dotson (R) ✔️

State Representative, 74th Representative District – Bath, Menifee and Montgomery counties
David Hale (R) ✔️
Bennie Deskins (D)

State Representative, 75th Representative District – Parts of Fayette County
Lindsey Burke (D) ✔️

State Representative, 77th Representative District – Parts of Fayette County
George Brown Jr. (D) ✔️
Terry Cunningham (R)

State Representative, 79th Representative District – Parts of Fayette County
Chad Aull (D) ✔️

State Representative, 84th Representative District – Breathitt, Owsley and Perry counties
Chris Fugate (R) ✔️
Theresa Combs (D)

State Representative, 85th Representative District – Parts of Laurel and Pulaski counties
Shane Baker (R) ✔️
Byron Vaught (D)

State Representative, 86th Representative District – Knox and parts of Laurel counties
Tom Odell Smith (R) ✔️

State Representative, 88th Representative District – Parts of Fayette and Scott counties
Cherlynn Stevenson (D) ✔️
Jim Coleman (R)

State Representative, 89th Representative District – Jackson, Lee, Wolfe and parts of Madison and Laurel counties
Timmy Truett (R) ✔️
Brittany Oliver (D)

State Representative, 91st Representative District – Estill, Powell and parts of Madison counties
Bill Wesley (R) ✔️
Martina Jackson (D)

State Representative, 93rd Representative District – Parts of Fayette County
Kyle Whalen (R)
Lamin Swann (D) ✔️

State Representative, 99th Representative District – Elliot, Morgan and Rowan counties
Richard White (R) ✔️
Kevin Anderson (D)


Lexington races

Lexington Mayor
David Kloiber
Linda Gorton ✔️

Lexington At-Large Council (3 winners)
James Brown ✔️
Chuck Ellinger ✔️
Bill Farmer, Jr.
Lillie Miller-Johnson
Richard Moloney
Dan Wu ✔️

Lexington Council District 1
Rashaan Berry
Tanya Fogle ✔️

Lexington Council District 2
Shayla Lynch ✔️
Josh McCurn

Lexington Council District 3
Hannah LeGris ✔️
Kate Savage

Lexington Council District 4
J. “Brack” Marquette
Brenda Monarrez ✔️

Lexington Council District 5
Greg Ladd
Liz Sheehan ✔️

Lexington Council District 6
Denise Gray ✔️
Charlie Rowland

Lexington Council District 7
Joseph Hale
Preston Worley ✔️

Lexington Council District 8
Fred Brown ✔️
Kenya Williams

Lexington Council District 9
Whitney Elliot Baxter ✔️
James J. Lombardi

Lexington Council District 10
Ross Mann
Dave Sevigny ✔️

Lexington Council District 11
Rock Daniels
Jennifer Reynolds ✔️

Lexington Council District 12
Raymond O. Alexander
Kathy Plomin ✔️


US Senator
Charles Booker (D)
Rand Paul (R) ✔️

Fail ✔️

Fail ✔️

Circuit Judge, 22nd Judicial Circuit, 7th Division (Nonpartisan) – Fayette County
Diane Minnifield ✔️
Jeffrey A. Taylor

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