A simple ‘Thank You’ message to a Lexington police officer goes viral


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – “It was just a little note with chalk” said Karen Bruce.

A simple chalk written note saying “thank you”, to a Lexington police officer, turned into a message of positivity that’s gone viral.

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“We took the chalk, they rode their bikes and I had no problem letting her do it and it made them happy and it was just a bonus him walking out of his house at the same time” said Karen.

5-year-old Haleigh Bruce has always loved police officers.

“They help people and they don’t let the bad guys steal stuff and things” said Haleigh.

And with Officer Tiason Lockridge living right down the street, she and her brother wanted to do something nice for him…..but little did they know the impact it would have.

“It really just brought it home, being in that community and everything it made me feel at home and it gave me joy” said Officer Lockridge.

After seeing the sidewalk chalk thank you message, he took a picture and posted it to his Facebook account detailing how it made his day.
That post has now been shared by nearly 10,000 people, with officers from different states reaching out to Lockridge to show their appreciation.

“They were thanking me and just thanking me for my service, but really what it comes down to is thanking all police officers for the job that their doing everyday because it doesn’t go unnoticed. Even though there’s a lot of noise in the world, it shows people still look to police officers in a thankful nature for what they do” said Officer Lockridge.

A small act of kindness, that didn’t just make Officer Lockridge’s day…but Haleigh’s too. She and her brother got the chance to go inside and explore a police car for the first time.

“We got to turn on the lights woo, woo!” added Haleigh.