2021 36 Blitz: Scott County Cardinals

GEORGETOWN, Ky (WTVQ) – Consistency in high school football it’s not easy. With graduating classes every year you begin the next season with nearly a new slate. Not Scott county. As they say…tradition never graduates.

“We’ve been 17-3 the last two years,” says Head Coach Jim McKee. “We’ve lost all three of those games to Douglass, but we’ve beaten everybody else on our schedule for the last two years except for them. So we’re proud of what we’ve done over a long period of time. That’s probably the thing that we’re the most proud of. Not an individual win or game It’s just that we’ve been competitive and we’ve been in the mix.”

“Scott County is a great program,” says senior wide receiver and defensive back Jeremy Hamilton. “It’ll get you stronger and faster and it’s just a family over here. We love to compete. We love each other and we always bond with each other.”

Scott County is a close-knit community. Meaning your dad, brothers, uncles, cousins all likely played for the Cards. And this year’s team is once again ready to carry on the tradition

“it’s awesome because I get to carry this tradition of rich football history,” says senior lineman Ethan Miracle. “Growing up here, watching the football team since I was little. Watching them win the state championship in 2013. It’s just awesome watching this team grow and really grow to a football school instead of a basketball school.”

Being a football schools means from the field to the stands everyone is invested.

“It’s just sort of a way of life,” says Coach McKee. “I mean I can’t go anywhere from you know May 1st until the season in Georgetown without somebody saying, ‘hey, what’s the team look like coach?’ which I’m glad.”

While which top program is competing against Scott County changes every year, also constantly changing is who is lining up for the Cardinals. This season they return absolute stud athlete Jeremy Hamilton. He does a little bit of everything. Coach McKee says he is more than just a good athlete.

“You know the thing I’m most proud of is just his character,” says Coach McKee. “He doesn’t come over here with some kind of chip on his shoulder. And I’m also proud that he’s done the things that we’ve asked him to do to get better.”

As the Cards begin another march to the postseason, they know everything prepares them for the playoffs. Once that begins coach McKee knows from experience you must control what you can control.

“We had a great team in 1998,” says Coach McKee. “We had linemen everywhere, skill guys, running back…and Henry Clay had Shane Boyd. So if there had been a draft, the draft guy would’ve taken Shane Boyd and Zia combs first and second. Then they would’ve 3 through 11 off our team, but we couldn’t beat em so I don’t control that kind of stuff. I control what we can have.”

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