2021 36 Blitz: Lexington Christian Academy

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – The 2020 2A State title game was an amazing game that would not be decided until overtime. Unfortunately for LCA, they would come out on the losing end.

“It was a great high school football game and I’ve been around a long time so you learn that somebody’s gotta lose the football game and we sure took a gut punch last year,” says LCA Head Football Coach Doug Charles.

The game featured LCA vs. Beechwood. After LCA missed a field goal at the end of regulation, Beechwood would score. Then the Eagles would score on their possession in overtime putting them within one. Multiple times over his first two seasons, Coach Doug opted to go for two at the end of games. He’d go for the win. He decided to stay safe and tie it. The extra point would be blocked…ball game.

“I had told our staff, I’m going for two on the headset,” says Charles. “I should’ve stayed with my first instinct because you know we were moving the ball pretty well and whatever, but you know what they say…shoulda couldas wouldas.”

A brutal ending like that to their season has now fueled the eagles as they begin a new one.

“It didn’t turn up our way just one point away, one yard away whatever, but we did definitely did some things that we could capitalize on and we’ve been working on that off season,” said senior wide receiver Mason Moore. “One more rep, one more like everything. Our kicker 65 yard field goals now.”

That means grinding in the weight room this past off season.

“Because you want to be bigger and better than your opponent, faster, stronger, whatever and we definitely got to work,” said Moore. “From the young guys to the old guys. We’ve always been preaching that in the weight room.”

In a season during the pandemic where you schedule one team and play them only days later, LCA took on all challengers. Playing multiple teams who were ranked #1 in their respective classes. In 2021, LCA is bringing the heat again. In their first four games, they’ll play Boyle County who won a state title last year. They’ll also play two other teams who made it to semi-state in Belfry and the Christian Academy of Louisville.

“It truly is iron sharpens iron and to go out and play in big venues and big stages in games that matter with fan bases that really care,” said Coach Charles. “That’s the kind of culture that we want to have here.”

Coach Doug’s players share the same sentiment as their coach. They will take on anybody.

“We want to go out there and compete every Friday night,” said Moore. “So in the playoffs we’re there, we’re ready. We’ve been in the tough stages. we’ve been in the tough environments. We’re going to play in 5 away games to start the season. You know it’s some hostile environments as well. State champions or whatever.”

The eagles have 18 seniors this year. Before taking the high school job, Coach Doug was the middle school coach meaning he’s known these players for years.

“It’s a bittersweet year in the sense that I’ve got 18 young men that I’ve been around since many of them didn’t know how to put their pads on and now they graduate.”

Before they graduate how can they leave a mark? By winning the school’s first 2A title.

“I’m very excited. It would the first one for the school in 2A so I think we can do it,” says senior running back Xavier Brown. “We just gotta fix the little things up to get back there.”

“Us seniors kinda have a mindset, we’re leaving no doubt,” said Moore. “And that’s the mindset that we’re going to carry for the rest of the season.”

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