Anderson County limiting shoppers by square feet, shopping carts, other means


ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) — Stores that are open in Anderson County will need to try to limit customers to one per 500 square feet, according to a recommendation from the Anderson Health Department.

The recommendations are among the broadest tried so far by local governments (see related story).

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The Anderson News first reported the recommendation, which came down Thursday afternoon.

According to the newspaper, the rule means no more than 200 customers can be in the Lawrenceburg Walmart, which is 100,000 square feet.

Kroger, which is 46,900 square feet, will have a customer capacity of 94, the newspaper reported. Save-a-Lot is 15,000 square feet and will allow 30 customers at a time.
The suggestion applies to all stores that remain open to foot traffic.
The health department also announced a limit of only one shopper per family in the store, with the exception of shoppers who need assistance due to a disability or special needs.

There is also a limit of one shopper per shopping cart.
The health department recommendation also pushes six-foot social distancing in checkout lines, signs to be posted in stores to help maintain social distancing, and other measures.

Stores are asked to use their public address systems to remind customers every 30 minutes to maintain spacing, and to not allow socializing inside or outside of stores.