Fayette County Public Schools announce new rules during athletic events


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Small changes that could possibly make a big difference, that’s what Fayette County Public Schools is trying to do with four new safety rules.

The new rules come after a shooting scare two weeks ago at the first game of the year at Frederick Douglass.

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Students running in a panic, hiding in the bleachers after the school says an unaccompanied middle schooler yelled there was a gun.

No gun was found, but Chief of Fayette County High Schools James McMillin said it was enough to make the district think of how to make games safer.

“The principles just got together, they’re a tight-knit group, and they were like alright we need to start talking about how we can make sure we are aligned when it comes to athletic safety at football games,” McMillin said.

They came up with these four rules:

– Games between city teams will kick off an hour earlier.
– Students won’t be able to bring bags and adults can expect to have their bags searched.
– Adults also must accompany students younger than high school age.
– No outside food or drinks allowed.

“We’re kind of living in a time right now where everybody’s a little bit on edge. Especially when it comes to safety in schools, safety in neighborhoods, safety in Lexington,” McMillin said.

In the last year, a tax raise has gone toward paying for safety in school buildings and now, the district hopes this will keep people safe outside school hours.

The rules don’t just apply to football games, each school can put them into place at any school event or activity.

Ryan Lemond was at that Frederick Douglass football game with his son, a Douglass junior, when the gun scare happened.

He says he supports anything that will protect kids.

“You’d hate for something to happen and then after the fact try to put these policies in place. Put them in place now and maybe prevent it from happening in the future,” Lemond said.