Judge orders Bevin and Hampton to settle their issues on their own


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Franklin County judge tells the Governor and his lieutenant to settle their issues on their own.

Last week, Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton sued Governor Matt Bevin after his administration fired two of her staffers without asking her. Hampton says she filed the lawsuit so she could get back two of her top staffers to help make the end of her term a success.

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Bevin’s lawyer says this a minor disagreement between friends but Hampton doesn’t agree.

In the courtroom, Hampton’s attorney argued the governor and the lieutenant governor have separate offices and Hampton should have the right to hire and fire her own staff.

Bevin’s lawyer says Hampton is trying to “alter the status quo.”

He continued to point out the governor’s office has authority and used an example of when the governor approved a raise for one of Hampton’s staff members.

The judge said both parties run as one slate and it was hard for him to find evidence they were separate.

He continues to say both parties can fix this on their own and added if it stays out of the courtroom it could save the state time and taxpayer money.

Hampton says her goal is to finish her term strong and she adds she will be supporting Governor Bevin in the fall.