UPDATE: Gov. Bevin responds to school closures

Jefferson County Public Schools closed Wednesday

UPDATE: 3/7/19 – Governor Matt Bevin took to Twitter late Wednesday night in response to the school closures. He wrote, “Tomorrow is a school day in Kentucky… School children should be in school… Learning…”

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – Teacher protests in Kentucky appear to be continuing as the state’s largest school district shut down because of too many absences.

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Jefferson County Public Schools closed Wednesday because the district said it did not have enough substitutes to cover the large number of teachers who called in sick. Last week, Jefferson County was one of six districts that closed after a grassroots education advocacy group urged teachers to call in sick.

But Wednesday, the group KY 120 United said it had not asked for teachers to protest. The Jefferson County Teachers Association also said it did not ask teachers to call in sick.

Educators are concerned about several bills in the legislature, including scholarship tax credits for private schools and changing who manages the pension fund.