2-year anniversary of girl’s disappearance

BEREA, Ky. (WTVQ) — Sunday marked the two-year anniversary of Brookelyn Farthing’s disappearance.

State Police say the last area where was she was seen is a mountainous tree-covered area in Berea. Farthing was 18 went she went missing, and would be 20 years old today.

A new website was recently launched, detailing her case and asking for information leading to her return. The website will also have contact information, if you’d like to get involved in the search.

The family has not given hope over these last two years, putting up a billboard back in 2013, and held a fundraiser last year at this time, to offer a reward for information leading to the young woman coming home.

"I won’t stop holding out hope. The family won’t stop holding out hope. We continue to hope Brookelyn comes home," said Randal Walker, Farthing’s stepfather.

"If she was here I’d tell her I love her and miss her.. And I wish she was coming home," said Paige, Brookelyn’s Sister.

Website: FindBrookeFarthing.com


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