2 protestors arrested, jumped barricade police say

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington police say two protestors were taken into custody Thursday around 11 p.m.

Police say they were charged with criminal trespassing after jumping over the barricade outside of the police station on Main Street.

After somewhat of a break from demonstrations Wednesday night, protestors marched the streets with renewed force.

They’re angry because the Fraternal Order of Police responded online Thursday to protestors demands, saying they can’t be met.

Protesters say that post from the FOP made them feel ignored.

They have been marching for more than ten days with specific demands for police to work into their contract with the city.

For example, protestors are demanding the city not pay for legal fees for officers accused of misconduct, but the FOP says that wouldn’t work because it would open officers up to frivolous lawsuits.

Another example, protestors want more consequences for officers and more civilian oversight, but the FOP says the chief already has the option to recommend direct discipline. It says the system allows individual officers to accept responsibility on their own, allowing officers to bypass a hearing in front of the council.

Protesters weren’t only downtown Thursday night; they also marched to Richmond Road where they also protested Tuesday after the death of a black motorcyclist.

They say police treated the man accused of hitting and killing him too leniently. Police say they’re following standard procedure.

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