Bell County’s first confirmed COVID-19 case is a child

BELL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Bell County’s first confirmed coronavirus case is a young boy, according to officials.

The case is an example of how the disease can spread and infect people, even when they have little contact, according to a statement provided by the child’s mother.

Bell County was one of only six counties in the state without a confirmed case. All the counties around it have at least one.

According to WRIL radio, the Big 106.3, Bell County Judge-Executive Albey Brock and Health Department Director Teresa Hunter went live on social media with WRIL for the announcement of the county’s first positive coronavirus COVID-19 case.

Both Brock and Hunter let the public know the patient is a boy who has been quarantined since the family was notified Saturday, May 16, 2020 of the diagnosis.  They also went over the standard practices the health department employs in situations like this to assure that contact tracing is and has been performed.

Brock emphasized the continued need for social distancing and washing of hands.  Brock also encouraged the public to be tested for the virus in several locations in the county and that he has been tested emphasizing that “it was not that bad and didn’t take but 10 minutes,” Brock said, according to the radio station. “This is the way we assure that we don’t have an outbreak here and we should be praying for this family.”

Hunter said people who have had contact with the teenager will be contacted by the health department.

After the broadcast, the mother of the child contacted WRIL and wanted to clarify any concerns the public may have after this announcement. She has given WRIL this release:

“My child has been quarantined since March 6 and not in the public, or anywhere for that matter, until a medical concern came up on May 8 that the child needed to see a specialist. 

“My child was referred to a specialist in Lexington and seen on May 13 at UK and confirmed that surgery was needed. 

“In order for the child to be cleared for surgery my child had to be tested for COVID 19 on May 15. I was notified this morning (Saturday May 16th) that the COVID 19 test was positive. 

Everyone that my child has been in contact with, which is only a handful of people, his close family, are getting tested for the virus. As of now my child is 100 percent asymptomatic and we will be quarantined for the next 14 days at our home.    

“Instead of asking who it is, and trying to place blame on someone staying they didn’t stay home, whenever I assure you, we did, just pray for him instead because after reading some of these comments that is what I will do for you all.”

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