In wake of Dallas tragedy church-goers pray for peace

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) Church-goers at the Cathedral of Christ the King lift up their voices in song singing, “Lord I need you, oh I need you.”

They’re hoping to find solace after times of tragedy.

Father Paul Prabell says, “I think there’s just a sense of almost like despair just feels like a series of violent actions are going to be part of the summer.”

People at the prayer service are finding comfort in faith to make sense of the recent ambush on police in Dallas and massacre at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

Kelly Broderson with the Cathedral of Christ the King who says, “I thought of you know, just changing my own hatred, bcause I think we all have the tendency within us all to be violent or be angry or prejudice or whatever.”

After being bombarded with images of violence many are seeking clarity.

Church go-er Patrick McGovern says, “…to gather our thoughts away from the hub-bub of say the high tension media .”

Many see that these senseless acts of violence could happen anywhere.

Church go-er Emma Bachman-Johnson says, “You kind of wonder like, are we next? Is this a dangerous place to be living in. And so you really just have to pray for protection…and pray for all those that are in those areas that are hurting.”

Father Paul Prabell tells the crowd to “Hope that we can do our part. that our world can stabilize. That we can be a small part of a solution.”

The crowd recognizes that everyone is connected.

McGovern says, “We are all brothers and sisters. We kind of forget the meaning of the words we pray.”

It’s a community coming together to share in each others pain and spread love to those who may be out there suffering.

“Because you know I always thought you know perhaps if I had encountered that gunman a week ago, or a month ago or someone had shown him love. Just something small as inviting him to a meal or whatever, perhaps I could’ve changed his life.”

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