11 nurses come out of retirement to help give vaccines at Baptist Health Corbin

CORBIN Ky, (ABC 36) – “Once a nurse always a nurse, whether you’re actually working or not” said Karen Stephens, Registered Nurse.

Stephens says it best…as she, Kathy Jones and 9 other nurses come out of retirement.

“I always wanted to be a nurse I was always a caregiver to my family, my friends, I just wanted to help, I still do” said Kathy Jones.

Many of the nurses previously worked at Baptist Health Corbin.

Now, they have returned to help play a part in fighting against the pandemic.

“It was the governor and Dr. Stack and I was watching one of the afternoon updates and they were talking about the need for vaccinations and the need for people to administer the vaccinations” said Stephens.

That’s just what the nurses are doing at the Baptist Health Corbin vaccination clinic.

Photo Courtesy: Baptist Health Corbin

Though it won’t bring them out of retirement for good, they say it’s something they can do to help the community.

“I think it’s a fantastic feeling, I feel very happy to be healthy” said Jones.

“It’s something that I’m physically, emotionally and mentally want to do and can do” added Stephens.

The need for nurses is huge according to Sherri Mays the Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Baptist Health Corbin.

“My only question was oh my gosh where am I going to get 10 to 12 nurses to give vaccines when I need 10-12 nurses to take care of patients” said Mays.

Photo Courtesy: Baptist Health Corbin

She says it was one big reunion when the nurses returned…and a sigh of relief.

“It has worked very well because I have been able to keep all my nurses at the hospital, taking care of patients, and I don’t have to worry about the community because they are taken care of by the retired nurses.”

The nurses are expected to stay at Baptist Health Corbin for the next 6 months or so.

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