Woman survives candle factory collapse, thanks first responders in-person

Rebecca Marsala shared her account to members of the Mayfield-Graves County Regional Emergency Operations Center
GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A woman who survived the candle factory collapse in Mayfield is sharing her story and thanking first responders who pulled her out of the rubble.
According to the Graves County Office of Emergency Management, during the Wednesday evening briefing, members of the Mayfield-Graves County Regional Emergency Operations Center (EOC) heard from Rebecca Marsala.
In a video shared on Facebook, Marsala thanked volunteer citizens and firefighters who came to her aid in the hours immediately after the tornado ripped through Mayfield.
“It felt like everything was flying around us,” shared Marsala. “And we covered our heads and we went and bent down and within moments, felt like the whole roof just lifted up off the building and then just with the most force ever just slammed down on us.”
According to Marsala, others were trapped under several feet of debris alongside her. Some of them were able to call 911.
“People were calling their families,” said Marsala who asked her boyfriend trapped with her to call her daughter. “I was like, Adrian listen, I was like, we were hit by a tornado and we’re stuck and we cannot get out. I was like, I’m suffocating literally and I can’t breathe.”
Marsala even said her goodbyes, “Sorry but I love you and I don’t think I’m gonna make it out of this.”
Eventually help arrived but without the proper equipment to pull the debris off, Marsala said they had no choice but to wait.
“I honestly never thought I was ever going to make it out of there,” said Marsala.
While Marsala says she lost several friends, she took the time to thank the first responders who saved her life.
“The whole time they were working diligently, slowly, to try to not hurt us,” shared Marsala.
You can watch the video HERE.
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