Wolfe County addressing ‘series issue’ of teen vaping

WOLFE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) — An Eastern Kentucky school district is sounding the alarm about student vaping.

The Wolfe County Board of Education sent out a notice to parents and guardians Monday about a vaping trend in the county.

The district says school employees are working with local law enforcement to address the issue after students were caught with vapes on school property recently — adding the lack of laws regarding the production, sale and student use make it a tough battle.

The board also posted this message on its Facebook page:

“Parents and Guardians,

As we are sure that each of you see or hear on the news daily, vapor use by teenagers is an extremely dangerous situation happening all over the world. Unfortunately, we are seeing this same trend here in Wolfe County.
We’ve recently had serious issues relating to vaping. These types of issues that our school district has dealt with could lead to your child being involved in an adverse health situation or a criminal situation if they are using vapor products.
Employees of our school system and local law enforcement are diligently addressing the issue of vaping but the lack of laws regarding the production, sale, and use by minors make this a tough obstacle. Combined with the opportunity to use these products in a discrete manner, we face a daily struggle in battling the problem with our youth. The students that we do speak with that use the products almost always mention to us the extremely quick period of time it takes to become addicted to the products.
Raising our children to become productive adults is a group effort among parents, guardians, the community, and our school system. We ask that all parties involved join us in continually speaking with our young people about the negative effects that the use of vapor products can have on them. As we all will agree, educating our youth is a key factor in their success. At this time, the use of vapor products is becoming an obstacle to that process that we all need to help minimize as best we can.
Our staff is searching for programs and solutions daily to this problem. We ask that everyone associated with the educational process of our children to please join us.
Thank you so much in advance,
The Staff of Wolfe County Schools”
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