Volunteers help pack, send off supplies to Ukraine

About 25 volunteers in the community gathered to help pack and sort supplies through Christian Mission Ebenezer

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Supplies are being sent to Ukraine, donated and packed by people in the Lexington and Nicholasville area. According to volunteers, the project, which has been in the works over several weeks, has a personal connection.

About 25 volunteers gathered in Nicholasville to pack non-perishable food, clothing, candles, and medical supplies like bandages in boxes to be sent off to the other side of the world.

“One thing that I know, that I think the rest of the world is coming to understand, Ukranians don’t give up this easy. They’re gonna fight to the end, they’re gonna stay there with the people and so that’s what we’re doing. We’re supporting them as they come to the end, whatever that final resolution is, and we’re going to continue to help,” said Christian Mission Ebenezer President Alex Chubaruk.

According to Chubaruk, the community donated about 100,000 pounds of supplies over the past three weeks. The supplies were put on trucks driven by volunteer drivers to go to New Jersey, where they will be shipped overseas to Poland. From there, the supplies will be taken to the Rivne region of Ukraine.

For Chubaruk, the project is a personal one: he was born in Ukraine. His family then emigrated to the United States.

“We were sent here to be able to be that tool that God is using today to be able to support our people back home,” said Chubaruk.

Helen Yavlovski, a volunteer from the Ukranian Pentecostal Church, says it was important to her to bring her children to the packing event.

“Having my kids be with me in these situations makes them realize how much we have, how much God has provided for us, and we need to see other kids in need and families and we’re grateful we have things we can share,” said Yavlovski.

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