Volunteers deliver Christmas ornaments to those devastated by flooding

Flood victims in Winchester are given homemade Christmas decorations from around the country


WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – This Christmas, flood victims around the state will receive a special handmade gift to decorate their Christmas trees with. Last week the organization ‘Just Serve’ received hundreds of ornaments from across the country. 5,000 ornaments were shipped to Kentucky from 18 different states,  as far away as Hawaii. Some of these ornaments come from former flood victims, people who lived through disasters like Hurricane Ida. On Monday, volunteers went door to door in areas impacted by flooding in Winchester and delivered the decorations.

“This kind of gift you can’t place a monetary value on that because it’s made with love and offering of people’s time and kindness and there’s nothing more significant than that kind of gift,” says Patricia Hopkins, a neighbor within the flood-impacted Winchester community.

If there was no one home, volunteers left some ornaments by the doorstep for those who were out at the time of delivery.

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