Urban County Council approves pay raises, bonuses for city workers

The plan uses ARPA funds and money from unfilled positions.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington City workers will soon see a pay increase, as the Urban County Council passes a proposal for a bonus pay plan.

The plan uses ARPA funds and money from unfilled positions.

“I asked Commissioner Hensley the other day I said everything that we are recommending, can we really afford this? and her answer was so crystal clear to me that it influenced everything I felt. She said you can’t afford not to do this” said Chief Administrative Officer, Sally Hamilton.

The plan gives a 3% pay raise that will be retroactive to July on top of a 3% pay raise already in place.
It also include a minimum rate of $15 an hour to LFUCG employees.
People on-call on weekends and holidays will also make more, going from $2.50 on weekdays to $10, and from $4 on weekends and holidays to $15.
Employees can also expect bonuses for working through the pandemic…though retirees are not considered in this plan. Premium pay employees will receive $5,000 while non premium pay employees will get $3500.
Its an effort to better recruit and retain employees.

“You need to give them hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, the package is aimed to give that flicker of hope, for a better day” said Hamilton.

Juneteenth and Veterans Day will also be added to the recognized holiday list for city employees.
But not every city worker was considered in this plan, the office of Fayette County Sheriff being one of them.

“We should be considered for this money as well. I have submitted the names of 50 individuals, if you are looking at premium pay at $5,000, it is a mere $250,000 of you $120 million dollars” said Sheriff Kathy Witt.

Though some council members wanted to hold-off on a second reading Thursday, to better consider the sheriff’s request, council ultimately had a second reading and passed the plan unanimously.

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