UPS driver making holiday deliveries is surprised by snacks left for him by Kentucky homeowners

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (CNN NEWSOURCE) — A UPS delivery driver’s reaction to seeing snacks on a customer’s doorstep has gone viral on social media.

Toni Hillson Barnett says she and her husband started leaving snacks for delivery drivers during the holidays three years ago.

Ever since the height of the pandemic, they have been more reliant on deliveries and wanted to show their appreciation.

Ups driver: ” Oh my God, you guys are the best…I gotta take a snapshot of this. Oh, Capri Suns are my favorite, yes! Oh jeez, these, the stop that I’m at, like ‘Thank you for the deliveries you make our holiday shopping so easy, please take snacks for the road.’ This one and Pringles sour cream. Thank you! Oh yes, no way, we’re back again with the Capri Sun. I think this is where I went viral, isn’t it? You guys are awesome. Thank you. Dorito’s. Thank you have a great day. Thank you for making me go viral.”

The snacks have become a tradition in their Louisville, Kentucky neighborhood and the homeowners hope more people will follow their example.

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