Ukrainian couple holds on to hope of returning home

Ukrainian married couple hopes to return home and be reunited with their son.

LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ) – A married couple from Ukraine is living here in Lexington with relatives after leaving behind their home and other family members for safety.  Gene Goussev and wife Lyudmila are both from Kiev Ukraine.

They’ve been married about 15 years, however, Gene says they’ve known each other since they were teenagers.  They dated for a short time, then grew apart and married other people, starting families of their own.  Years later, Gene’s wife died of multiple sclerosis and Lyudmila lost her spouse to cancer.  After 35 years apart, Lyudmila looked up gene to reconnect.

“Then we began dating.  I was the age of 55 and she was 53 and then we get married,” explains Gene.

The two expected to spend their lives together in their home country of Ukraine, until Russia invaded.

“We thought the war would be over in a couple of days, but when we hear the artillery fire in the distance somewhere, Russians were trying to take over Nikolaev the big city,” says Gene.

Gene and Lyuda packed up what they could of their lives in suitcases and like countless others, fled

In a short time, they say everything changed, even the language they spoke.

“We spoke Russian until this war, but when we were moving from Kiev to west to save our lives in the car we decided that we would from then on speak Ukrainian. Only when we made mistakes we would correct each other,” says Gene

In addition to their home and belongings, Gene says they also had to leave part of their family, Lyuda’s son’s who’s now helping overseas as a volunteer. Currently he’s shuttling small cargo from Poland to Ukraine by car. Recently, his children had become exposed to the violence and had to leave with his wife for Germany.  Gene and Lyuda say they have tickets to return in May. While there’s a chance tensions will still be high…The two have high hopes they’ll return home.

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