UK hopes to improve entire state with its new plan

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The University of Kentucky is thinking of ways to not only improve the university, but the entire state.

That’s the purpose of a 2-day retreat on its campus.

The Board of Trustees spent the first day brainstorming ideas and talking to experts about it five-pillared plan:

  • “Putting students first”
  • “Taking care of our people”
  • “Inspiring ingenuity”
  • “Ensuring greater trust, transparency and accountability”
  • “Bringing together many people, one community”

“The theme of this proposed plan is all about how does the University Of Kentucky do everything it can do advance Kentucky – its economy, its health, its well-being, the development of its workforce, tackling the biggest challenges,” Spokesperson Jay Blanton said.

The school hopes to have a resolution the Board of Trustees can approve by Friday.

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