TSA’s oldest — and officially cutest — K-9 retires

(CNN NEWSOURCE) — Going out on top as the TSA’s oldest-working dog would be enough of an honor for any four-legged friend  — but this one didn’t stop there, nabbing the title for the agency’s cutest as well!

The Transportation Security Administration’s top dog is hanging it up and retiring with a new leash on life.

With 10 years of faithful security service under his collar, Eebbers, a bomb-sniffing Vizsla-lab mix stationed at Minnesota’s MSP airport is officially retiring as the oldest working dog in the TSA.

Eebbers’ retirement started off with a bang…as in some tasty, bomb-shaped doggy cakes, and culminated with a literal shower of plush gifts to thank him for his service!

Not only did Eebbers go out as the TSA’s oldest K-9, but he also went out, officially, as their cutest too — winning the title in a national social media contest where he bested countless pups who weren’t nearly as long in the tooth!

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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