Trifecta Glass-Art-Lounge brings new unique experience to Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexingtonians now have a new unique experience that combines glass, art, and cocktails.

“It’s been exciting, it’s been overwhelming in a lot of ways, in a very good way. You know when you open something new like this it is kind of a new vision you’re not really going to see a combination like this.”

Kentucky native Travis Adams fell in love with glass art after taking classes from renowned glass artist Stephen Powell, whose work is now collected in the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Adams says that love led him to open ‘Trifecta Glass-Art-Lounge’ in Lexington, officially opening its doors at the end of October. Trifecta is the only gallery in the State that has some of Powell’s collection.

“It just seemed like why not look at the diamond in your backyard as someone told me and so that’s why I ended up in Lexington and I can say it has been a real gem so far,” said Adams.

Adams says he wanted to make the experience of trifecta as immersive, intimate, and unique as possible.
He says not only can people see a variety of artists’ glasswork in the gallery, but they can also take glass-blowing classes and learn about the craft firsthand.
But to elevate it even further, Adams says trifecta has its own secret lounge.

“Some of our cocktails are being built in handmade glasses that are made in-house so there’s this real studio to-table everything is crafted kind of experience here” added Adams.

The lounge, adds a speakeasy ambiance to the space which Adams says has drawn in many new customers. There is also live jazz music once a month.
And he says although they’ve only been open for a couple of months, the support from the community has been huge.

“We tested this theory here in terms of combining experiences into one and this community has just really embraced us. I can’t express my gratitude enough”

The lounge portion of Trifecta is open Wednesday through Sunday from 6 p.m. until close.
Adams says Trifecta designs will also be showing at Art Basel later this year and at a show in Paris France, but Lexington will remain its home base.

Adams says in April they will be featuring an equestrian theme to go along with Keeneland.

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