Tree monsters statues welcome parkgoers

(CNN NEWSOURCE) — Along Lake Malone, Kentucky, something is in the woods.

Over at Wayne’s Place, Katie Bowersock has seen them…

“Hooo! Oh my gosh!”

“I wouldn’t know an exact name for it.”

Allee Mallory at the Spillway’s seen them too.

“I have.”

“They’re definitely a sight to see.”

“These things are down here at the park.”

“Ten, 15, 17 feet.”

“A bunch. They’re tall.”

“Kinda crazy lookin’.”

What are they talking about? What’s out here?

“I’ve seen just a couple of them…but apparently, they’re all around.”

You see, Lake Malone is home to the Big Twigs…a growing family.

Three arrived at Lake Malone a year ago; another three have just joined them. All enjoy…the finer things in life.

“So let’s get an idea for the scale of this. So, I am about 5’11” and this guy…well, he’s a lot taller than that.”

Eighteen feet for this one. Artist Steve Brauch created them out of a steel frame, covered in foam, a layer of fiberglass and automotive paint.

“There’s one creature that holds a fishing pole.”

“Shocking that people can make something like that.”

Mary Pigg and travel buddy Crystal came from Goodlettsville to see them.

“I guess this might be my favorite.”

The Richies came from Clarksville.

“I wanted to see all the sticks.”

“They all have been unique.” “I like the lightning bug one.” “The lightning bug one.”

“It’s just so big and unusual.”

“Very creative.”

Now, the people who live here never expected to be neighbors with…you know… two-story tree creatures.

*laugh* “No! No! No!”

“No.” *laugh*

But the way people love these…

“It’s a twig family.”

…and travel to see them…well, that just makes the Big Twigs so special.

“Lake Malone’s just something small.”

“…but everybody has to pass through it.”

“We’re kinda in the sticks. Not many people’s heard about Muhlenberg.”

“Having something like that that brings people here that’s never been here…”

“Pretty neat.”

“He’s tall.”

“It’s something everybody wants to stop and look at.”

“It brings people.”

“Have you seen anyone this tall before?” “Uh huh?” “You have?” “Uh huh.”

And so with some customary Kentucky hospitality, a community says welcome to Lake Malone, Big Twigs — you’re one of us now.


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