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Iowa slaying focuses attention on immigrants in agriculture

The arrest of a Mexican farmworker in the death of an Iowa college student renewed calls to change immigration laws, but it also focused attention on the immigrant workers whose labor is essential to the state’s agricultural industry.

UPDATE: Two restaurants reopen following immigration raid

Two of three restaurants in Nicholasville that abruptly closed Tuesday following a raid by immigration authorities have reopened.

Lexington rally supports DACA

A Kentucky immigration attorney says she expects the decision to rescind DACA affects over 10,000 people in Lexington and the surrounding area. DACA recipients and supporters rallied Tuesday evening in Lexington to express their disappointment.

Jefferson County School Board Approves ‘Safe Haven’ Proposal

Jefferson County education officials have passed a resolution to make the state's largest school district a "safe haven" for undocumented students and their families.

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