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Higher than expected voter turnout on Tuesday

Voter turnout for Tuesday's statewide election in Kentucky was 11-percent higher than predicted, coming in at 42-percent.

Voters enthusiastic despite predicted low turnout

Lexington, KY-- Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes predicted just 31% of registered voters to turn out for the the 2019 election. Despite those...

Election officials expect high voter turnout for Midterm

Election day is just one week away and as candidates continue to campaign, officials predict this midterm could see a higher than average turn out.

GOP, Dems gearing up for Kentucky Primary

With the first wave of primary elections happening Tuesday, many are wondering if they will tell us anything about what to expect from Kentucky's primary in two weeks.

Sec’y Grimes: Nearly 60% turnout in Kentucky for presidential election

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes confirmed Tuesday nearly 60 percent of Kentucky voters cast ballots in last November's presidential election. The State Board of Elections recently finalized voter credit for the cycle.

Grimes predicts 60 percent voter turnout on Tuesday

Kentucky's top election official estimates 60 percent of the state's registered voters will cast ballots on Tuesday.

Grimes predicts 20 percent turnout for Kentucky primaries

Kentucky's top election official says she expects 20 percent of Kentucky's more than 3.2 million registered voters to cast ballots in Tuesday's primary elections.

Higher than expected voter turnout in the primary election

Primary election voting numbers are typically low but the Secretary of State’s office says early data shows this year’s voter turnout may be higher than expected.

Fewer Voters at Polls in Lexington than Expected

The Fayette County Clerk said voters waited a bit longer in line than usual but not as many people showed up to the polls as he would have hoped.

Fayette Co. Clerk: Primary Brings Low Turnout, As Expected

Fayette County Clerk Don Blevins told ABC 36 that Tuesday's low turnout for the primary election meant no lines for voters throughout the county.

KY Voter Turnout About 59% For 2012 Election

Voter turnout in Kentucky for the 2012 election was about 59%.

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A new program is encouraging businesses to hire people with a criminal record, but for one Lexington restaurant, that’s nothing new.

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