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Businesses support teachers through savings

Several businesses around the state are stepping up in support of teachers, the day after the general assembly's pension vote.

Pension bill won’t include mandatory 401(k)-style plan

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - The Kentucky Senate's top Republican leader says a forthcoming bill to overhaul one of the country's worst-funded public pension systems...

UPDATE: Fired Kentucky state worker sent personal mails to women

A former University of Kentucky basketball player was fired from his job in the Labor Cabinet last month after sending personal emails to women on his government computer.
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Sexual harassment inquiry delayed by uncooperative witnesses

Investigators not getting cooperation from some state workers in an investigation of a secret sexual harassment settlement involving four Republican lawmakers.

Educators worried they will lose their retirement

Kentucky educators are in a panic because state law makers are thinking about pension reform this year.

Bevin hints at possible pension changes in interview

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has criticized some state workers for inflating their public pension benefits.
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Ethics commission fines 3 former state workers

The Executive Branch Ethics Commission has issued $7,000 in fines to three former state workers for violating ethics laws.

State Budget Includes $233 Million For Raises

The Kentucky state budget includes $233 million to give raises to more than 136,000 state workers and teachers.

State Workers Face Off In Annual ‘Roadeo’ In Lexington

State workers, who handle 12 counties, competed Tuesday in an equipment 'Roadeo' in Fayette County.

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