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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Tag: pension law

Kentucky pension law seen as ‘negative’ for credit rating

A credit rating agency says Kentucky's pension law passed in a recent special legislative session is a "negative" for the state's credit rating.

Retired judge responds to Kentucky governor’s criticism

Justice Daniel Venters writes in an Op-Ed he is a conservative Republican who voted for Bevin and has generally supported his policy initiatives.

Reaction to KY Supreme Court ruling on pension reform law

Politicians and organizations are reacting the the Kentucky Supreme Court's ruling that SB 151 is unconstitutional.

Court nixes pension law that prompted teacher protests

On Thursday, the court ruled the law unconstitutional because the legislature didn't vote on it three times over three separate days as the state constitution requires.

Fate of Kentucky’s new pension law to be decided by July

A judge says he will decide on new pension law before it takes effect on July 14.

Districts cancelling school for rally Friday

List of school districts cancelling classes on Friday to allow teachers to protest new pension reform law continues to grow.

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Powell county residents cleaning up after flood

Clay City residents are left cleaning up, after the Red River reached levels they haven't seen in over 40 years.

State asks feds for emergency help; COVID vaccine numbers grow

Gov. Beshear Updates Kentuckians on COVID-19, Record Flooding

House OKs bill that would mandate unemployment offices be open

Bill would require offices to be open in some areas when jobless rate is above 5 percent.