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Masters’ Life: Tiger returns to the top

AUGUSTA, Ga (Statesboro Herald) - We talked about him earlier in the week. Not sure exactly what he would do, but we knew he...

The Masters for a first-timer

AUGUSTA, Ga (Statesboro Herald) - What is the Masters like for a first-timer? Mike Anthony talks to a guy who was at Augusta for...

Masters’s Life: Day One Tees Off

AUGUSTA, Ga (Statesboro Herald) - Much is made of the power and emotion of the Sunday roars at Augusta National, but it’s often the...

Masters’ Life: Par 3 Contest Memories

AUGUSTA, Ga (Stateboro Herald) - If you happen to be there on a Wednesday, there’s one must-see marquee event and that’s the Par-3 Contest....

Magic of The Masters resumes at Augusta National

STATESBORO, Ga (Statesboro Herald) - The Augusta skies on Monday wereforecast to be not so friendly, but a warm and mostly sunny day greeted...

Masters Golf Trivia Challenge

How much do you know about the Master's Tournament? Are you an amateur or a pro? Take the Masters Golf Trivia Challenge to find out...

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