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Man known as Godfather of Grass back in US; pot charges loom

A man known as the Godfather of Grass has been deported from Canada and will be held in a Vermont prison pending his return to Kentucky to face federal marijuana charges.
marijuana, Clarion Frisby

Man arrested for growing marijuana

Laurel County Sheriff’s Department reported that a man was arrested on Wednesday, after deputies found him growing marijuana in his front yard on Ray Johnson Road.

Couple arrested on Marijuana charges

After a lengthy investigation of a residence on Short Road, Mercy County Sheriff’s Drug Task Force executed a search warrant on Sunday and arrested the couple that lived there.
Rebecca Wilson, Dusty Wilson & Jacob Roark Arrested

Troopers: Indoor Marijuana Operation Busted In Laurel Co.

State Police said they found an indoor marijuana grow operation Friday in Laurel County. Troopers said a tip led them to an apartment in the Arlington Green apartment complex.

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