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EKU football player accused of slamming officer to the ground

EKU football player Michael Harris is accused of picking up and slamming a police officer to the ground during his arrest.

Car crashes into Lexington Police cruiser; DUI suspected

A car hit a Lexington Police cruiser with an officer inside Friday night, according to police. 

LCSO: Man arrested after waving knife at neighbors, having booby-trap

The Laurel County Sheriff's Office says it arrested a man Wednesday evening after neighbors called in and said he was intoxicated and was waving a large knife at them.

Police looking for man accused of not paying for food at Pizza Hut

Manchester Police say they are looking for a man who they say did not pay for food and made inappropriate comments to teenage servers at Pizza Hut.

LCSO: Driver admits after crash to not having license for 17 years

Deputies with the Laurel County Sheriff's Office say they have arrested two people after a hit and run crash.

Man accused of driving motorized shopping cart while intoxicated, insulting customers

A man believed to be intoxicated was arrested Wednesday night at Walmart in Eliza­beth­town after reportedly joyriding through the store on a motorized shopping cart.

Somerset man accused of being drunk, leaving kids in car

Somerset Police say a man was drunk when he left two children in a locked car while he went shopping.

LPD: Woman assaults boyfriend

Police arrested a woman after they say she assaulted her boyfriend while being intoxicated.

Damaged shed and blood on Westwood Court

Lexington police were tracking blood all across a Lexington neighborhood Saturday morning.

Police standoff ends peacefully in Bowling Green

A police standoff Monday in Warren County ended peacefully with the arrest of a Bowling Green man. 

Man arrested for throwing items at passing cars

Washington man arrested in Laurel County.

Woman accused of being intoxicated while caring for child

A Laurel County woman is accused of being under the influence with a young child in her care, according to the Laurel County Sheriff's Office.

Four teens accused of raping “highly intoxicated” young girl

Four teenagers were arrested Tuesday in London after being accused of raping a girl under the age of 16 who was reportedly drunk, according to the Laurel County Sheriff's Office.

Man sentenced to 35-years for killing 911 dispatcher

A man was sentenced to 35-years in prison for killing a Madison County 911 dispatcher, according to a report in the Richmond Register.
Angela Furnier

RPD: Intoxicated woman arrested; drinking beer in Rite Aid bathroom

A trip to the Rite Aid ended in a trip to jail for a Richmond woman.
Andrea Wells-Medlock

Sheriff: Intoxicated woman comes to school to pick up children

The Scott County Sheriff says a woman was arrested after arriving at Eastern Elementary School to pick up some students while intoxicated.
Jessica Pryor

RPD: Woman passed out in Frisch’s with child arrested

Police in Richmond have arrested a woman after they say she showed up at a Frisch's restaurant with her child, but was so intoxicated she couldn't keep from passing out.
bourbon alcohol glass

Popular Richmond bar closes after losing license

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board revoked the licenses of a popular bar in Richmond because of multiple violations over the past several years, according to the ABC.

Two men arrested for drunken theft of ATV

Two men arrested after stealing ATV while intoxicated
Nancy Bray

Police: Flight Attendant Was Drunk At Blue Grass Airport

A flight attendant who was about to board a plane at Blue Grass Airport was arrested Tuesday night after police said she was drunk on the job.

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