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Celebrate Black History Month at the Hopewell Museum

How are you celebrating Black History Month this year? Special guest Leah Craig stopped by today to tell us all about the Hopewell Museum, where you can learn more about the contributions made by Garrett Morgan, notable Black inventor and historical figure. Check out this segment to learn about his life, and learn more about the Hopewell Museum, located in historic Paris-Bourbon county, on their website.

“The Great War: Kentucky & Beyond” Exhibit

The Great War: Kentucky & Beyond, exhibit commemorates the centennial of America's Entry into WWI. Leah Craig was in to talk more about the...

Win, Place, & Show Derby Party – Hopewell Museum 4-27

Leah Craig and Clotine Kissick join ABC 36's Lauren Gawthrop to talk about the 10th annual Win, Place, & Show Derby Party taking place Saturday, April 30.

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