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US government records $160.3 billion April surplus

The federal government recorded a $160.3 billion surplus in April as revenues jumped to an all-time high. But even with a flood of tax receipts, the deficit so far this year is running 37.7% higher than a year ago.

Madison County Judge suggests first tax increase in 30 years

If you live in Madison County, you could soon be opening your wallet a bit wider for the county.

Government workers rally against pension reform in Bevin’s backyard

Critics of Governor Matt Bevin's pension reform plan brought their opposition to his doorstep.
Matt Bevin

Facing deficit, Bevin administration orders 1 percent cuts

Kentucky's state agencies will cut 1 percent from their budgets to help avoid a $113 million shortfall.
Kentucky money budget revenue

Kentucky likely to have small budget deficit, officials say

State officials say Kentucky is likely to have a small budget shortfall when the fiscal year ends June 30.
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US current account trade deficit hits $484.1 billion in 2015

The deficit in the broadest measure of U.S. trade declined slightly in the final three months of 2015, but for the entire year the deficit jumped to the highest level in seven years.

Kentucky’s Medicaid program faces $611 million shortfall

Kentucky's Medicaid program is facing a $125 million deficit this year and a $611 million deficit over the next two years as it struggles to keep up with a flood of new enrollees and the end of 100 percent federal funding for its expanded eligibility requirements.
Kentucky State University

KSU Drops Hundreds Of Students Over Unpaid Tuition

Kentucky State University said that it had no other choice but to drop 645 students for not making their required tuition payments.

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