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Kentucky Democrat who won in Trump district to be sworn in

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - A Kentucky Democrat elected to a state House seat in a district Republican President Donald Trump won with 72 percent...

UPDATE: Wife loses bid to replace lawmaker who shot self

The wife of a Kentucky lawmaker who killed himself last year after facing sexual assault allegations has lost a special election to fulfill the remainder of her husband's term.

Special election to replace lawmaker who killed himself

Voters in a Louisville, Kentucky, suburb will soon choose a successor for a Republican state lawmaker who killed himself last year after a woman publicly accused him of sexually assaulting her in his basement when she was a teenager and he was her pastor.

UPDATE: Candidates certified for special election for House seat

Candidates from the two major parties were certified Tuesday for next month's special election to fill the vacant 49th District House seat.

UPDATE: Wife chosen as Republican nominee after lawmaker’s suicide

The wife of a Kentucky lawmaker who killed himself following a sexual assault allegation has been nominated by Republicans to fill the seat he held.

Special election to fill vacancy after lawmaker’s suicide

Governor Matt Bevin set the date for a special election to find a replacement for Republican Dan Johnson who killed himself last week.

Mourners file out after lawmaker’s funeral

A long column of motorcycle riders revved their bikes as they followed a hearse carrying the body of a Kentucky state lawmaker who apparently killed himself amid accusations of sexually assaulting a teenage girl.

Slain lawmakers’ seat likely to be filled by special election

A legislative seat formerly held by a Republican Kentucky lawmaker who killed himself following sexual assault allegations will likely be filled with a special election.

Funeral arrangements set for Dan Johnson

Funeral arrangements have been set for State Representative Dan Johnson.

Lawmakers react to Rep. Dan Johnson’s suicide

The shock over State Representative Dan Johnson's death continues to spread as people across the commonwealth, including lawmakers in Frankfort, react to the news.

Dan Johnson’s widow says she will run for his seat

Rebecca Johnson, the widow of state representative Dan Johnson, says she wants to replace him in the Kentucky House.

Ky. lawmaker accused of assault dies in apparent suicide

A state lawmaker accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl has died in an apparent suicide.

Ky. lawmaker accused of assault dies in apparent suicide

A state lawmaker accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl found dead in an apparent suicide.

Atty general: Lawmaker accused of assault should be expelled

Attorney General Andy Beshear says members of the state House should expel Representative Dan Johnson, who is accused of sexual assault.

Kentucky lawmaker accused of sexual assault

Dan Johnson, a Kentucky lawmaker who compared President Barack Obama and his wife to monkeys, is accused of sexual assault.

Councilman says he will subpoena reporter in removal trial

A councilman in Kentucky's largest city says he will subpoena a reporter to testify during a trial to decide whether to remove him from office.

Embattled Kentucky councilman denied federal medical leave

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - An embattled Kentucky city councilman has been denied medical leave. News outlets report Louisville Councilman Dan Johnson announced Aug. 10 he...

Facing impeachment pressure, Kentucky councilman takes leave

A Louisville councilman who faces possible impeachment on charges of sexually harassing fellow council members and staff will take a 90-day medical leave of absence.

All-Powerful Kentucky GOP Tries to Avoid Unforced Errors

Fellow Republicans considered preacher-turned-politician Dan Johnson to be a pariah during his campaign last fall after he kept racist images on his Facebook page disparaging Barack and Michelle Obama.

Democrat Ousted in Racially Charged Election Requests Review

A Democratic lawmaker in Kentucky has asked for a recanvass of election results after losing to a Republican challenger criticized for Facebook posts that depicted President Barack Obama and the first lady as monkeys.

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