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Care taker charged with abusing babies

State Police say a Madison County babysitter hurt two infants she was suppose to be taking care of.

Mother accused of burning son in hot bath

Lexington mother is accused of criminal abuse after police say she put her young son is a scalding bath.

Mother’s boyfriend charged in baby’s death

The Boone County Sheriff's Department says a 23-year-old northern Kentucky man has been charged in the death of his girlfriend's infant.
Justin RIchardson mug shot 6-5-14

Richmond Man Accused Of Tattooing Children Against Their Will

Richmond Police said Justin Richardson, 31, of Richmond, tattooed three young children against their will.
Billie J. Combs

Couple Arrested For Criminal Abuse

The State Police say an Anderson County couple didn’t take care of their ten month old child to the point that it ended up in the hospital.

Lexington Father Pleads Not Guilty To Criminal Abuse

Brandon Dow, 23, pleads not guilty to charges that he severely injured his four-month-old daughter in court on Thursday.
Daniel Isaacs & Amber Bishop Arrested

Update: Couple Accused Of Locking Children in Bedroom Plead Not Guilty

A Berea couple accused of locking their four young children in their bedroom each night in filthy conditions pleaded not guilty Friday to criminal abuse charges.
Police Arrest Parents on Morgan Street

Berea Police Say Parents Admitted To Locking Children In Room

Berea Police said they arrested two parents for locking their children in their bedrooms at night and securing the locks with chains and ropes.

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