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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Tags Coroavirus

Tag: coroavirus

New Fayette COVID case continue in triple digits

College numbers continue to show uptick.

COVID cases still high, positivity rate lowest its been in weeks

Deaths continue to mount, top 1,100.

Number of recovered tops new COVID cases in Fayette

UK students continue to make up more than half of new cases.

KCTCS posting positive COVID cases on website

Data will be posted twice a week.

COVID case numbers high, positivity rate lowest in weeks

Eight new deaths reports, total at 918.

COVID-19: New day care center rules coming; state now ‘yellow,’ not ‘red’

Trends remain relatively flat, governor talks "goofiness."

Case numbers high, kids more than 15%, but positivity rate below 5%

Number of young people remains a concern.

UK Healthcare confirms 26 false-positive COVID tests

One platform had flaw, used for three weeks.

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Doctor: Priority is giving “the sickest a chance to survive.”

Vaccine prep well underway, each provides special challnges

Cold Rain Arrives Late Week

High pressure takes over providing a blast of sunshine for Central and Eastern Kentucky. Our next weather maker arrives, late on Thursday, sparking a...

State records second straight day of record COVID-related deaths

Dr. Stack shares hospitalization projections for December and January

UPDATE: ‘Brewed’ will operate as a venue, new legal issues could arise

Business owner has turned issue into a rally cry.